Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Haircuts!

I haven't posted here in FOREVER!  But I actually have a million old photos to post.  So I'll try to get through them all in the next month!  There are some birthdays in there, some vacations, some holidays, some random stuff.....all kinds of photos.  For now, though, here's Lauren with her new haircut!  Her hair was actually getting pretty long and out of control, so we had it all chopped off today.  I think she likes it!
And here's Parker getting his hair cut as well.  His hair was actually the longest it had ever been!  It's super thick so Shirley took a lot off. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun at the Fall Fair!

Oh, hey!  I have a blog at this address!  Here are some photos (and a video!) from the fall fair this year!
Lauren riding a car on a toddler ride!  I love how she's going, "Beep beep beep beep!" as she steers the wheel.
Bring on the rides and carnies!
 Lauren practicing her driving skills on some tractors.

 A baby cow!  Lauren got to touch the cow.

While Lauren took a potty break, Parker and I went into the arena to check out the horse show and pose for a photo in the aisle. 
 And slushies!
 Parker and Lauren both love merry-go-rounds.  I think this was our first ride of the day.
 Check out that photographer guy in the background taking photos of his kid!  (Hi Dan!)

 Cheeeeeese!  Although Lauren looks terrified.

 The gigantic ferris wheel!
 Some photos of Lauren enjoying her car ride.  She got a bit freaked out when the ride stopped though.

Here she is doing a crazy fish ride.  They went around in a circle and also up and down.  I thought they were going to launch her into the air but luckily her seat belt held her in.
 I think she likes it!

 Playing with ducks.  
 Parker and April on a bee ride that also went up and down.  They got the Parker bee!

 More merry-go-round!
Parker also bought a gigantic thing of cotton candy. 
 I asked him to take a huge bite for a photo.

 Just as we were leaving crazy rain clouds started to show up so I think we left at the right time!
Next year we're going to try to get bracelets for the rides instead of buying individual tickets.  I think it's cheaper that way.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Parker's 5th Birthday Family Party!

And on the subject of birthdays, here are the photos from Parker's 5th birthday family party!  Thanks again to everyone for coming!!


 Dixie Cups with one of those little cup holders!  Parker loves the cups at Nana & Papa's house so they got him is very own (one for each washroom)!  We actually just ran out of cups for our upstairs washroom the other day and need to replenish our supply!  He loves them!

 Big hugs for Papa!

 Lauren sitting in Parker's new outdoor chair.  I think she likes it.
 Reading a card.

 Kisses for baby Cole!

 Lauren saying, "Can I see?"
 Crazy faces for everyone!
 Lauren is shocked that the card opens up to become an elephant!
 Hickory Sticks!  One of Parker's favourite.  Thanks Lita!

 Thumbs up for Hickory Sticks.

 Hugs all around!
 Parker's delicious R2-D2 cake.  So good.
 And Dima made some awesome cupcakes!  Thanks!

 Baby Sarah enjoying the festivities.

 Time for cake!  Get in my mouf!
 Time for Baby Cole!  Get in my mouf!
 Eating one of Dima's yummy cupcakes.